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Pollsters analyze exclusive KXAN poll

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by Jenny Hoff   |   KXAN News

AUSTIN (KXAN) - As the presidential candidates concentrate on the battleground states, it does not seem to be curbing the enthusiasm in the Lone Star State for this historical election. “Given what we’re seeing in terms of early vote, we may see well over 8 million votes cast in Texas in terms of overall ballots,” said Republican pollster Marc DelSignore.

DelSignore said with this turnout, it does not look like there are going to be many landslide Republican victories, even in Texas. According to KXAN’s exclusive presidential poll, McCain is ahead statewide by 10 percentage points. In Williamson County, he is ahead by 22 points. However, that only matters if the Republican base shows up to the polls. According to Democratic consultant Leland Beatty, early voting in Williamson County is producing some surprising results so far.

“When I saw that Democratic primary voters were voting in greater numbers than Republican primary voters, I had to go back and check my math,” said Beatty. “I couldn’t believe it.” Even with McCain’s comfortable lead with the middle aged voters and neck-and-neck with Obama when it comes to the youth in Texas,  DelSignore said Obama’s presence may still be felt in the Lone Star State on Election Day.

“The resources that Obama has been allocating to the state has not been necessarily to win Texas outright but to help candidates downballot that can benefit from the increased levels of enthusiasm and turnout,” said DelSignore.



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