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New numbers show Texas leaning Democratic

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by Elise Hu   |   KVUE News

A Gallup tracking poll released this week shows the nation swinging more Democratic, and the “Republican red” state of Texas trending blue, too.

Texas now leans Democratic over Republican by 43 to 41 percent, according to Gallup. The polls shows Texas to be one of the most evenly balanced states in partisan division.

Every statewide officeholder in Texas is Republican, and the GOP continues to hold a majority in the state’s congressional delegation, state Senate and state House.

“The past elections and the officeholders indicate that Republicans are winning at the ballot box,” said GOP pollster Marc DelSignore.

But the nationwide trend now reflected in the Gallup poll may be a harbinger of times to come.

“Texans are saying we want our government to work. And we want it to work in a way where people aren’t just concerned about keeping themselves in office,” said State Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin. He ran statewide and lost in 2002, a year the GOP swept every statewide office and rode to strong majorities in the Texas House and Senate.

But DelSignore says to take the Gallup poll in the proper context.

Gallup surveyed a sample of all adults—not voting adults like registered voters.

“Many people are embracing the concepts of the Democratic Party, but they just aren’t participating,” said DelSignore.

That means the GOP stronghold remains until Democrats get more people to the polls.



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